What the Job Prepare Service Mission is about

The Job  Prepare Service  is one of the more used back to work package’s in  Ireland and combines all the necessary tools to get you back into employment as quickly as possible. If you have been made redundant, are unemployed or are looking for a job, there is something here that will benefit you.
As a user you will have more  ways to access the service. You can use the one that suits you the best or an unlimited combination of both.
The service is provided by a team of professional back to work advisers who can assist you with all elements of your job search.
The advisers are available to speak to by telephone between the hours of 12am and 6pm from Saturday to Sunday .
The Job Prepare Service Back to Work  is also available to members of your family who are resident with you. Furthermore, you can use the service for a year after your payment is received.
The Job Prepare Service website is  accessible for everybody. 
There is also detailed information on interviews and how best to perform, how to plan your job search and step-by-step guides to writing letters of application and speculative letters.
Further, there is information on personality profiling and a free test you can take yourself,
plus a whole host of other information such as who you should contact,
to start claiming benefits and self employment options.
Job Prepare Service also helps people to start-up they own business and is involved in Community work  Projects which we are funding with Charity raised funds.
There are also a number of virtual tasks you can download and complete – specifically
designed to increase your worth to prospective employers.
Job Prepare Service also as the only one Organisation in its kind has many direct contacts with Recruiters Organisations  and Employers but is working on Charity base with them.
The complete Job Prepare Service costs around 10 per month for full membership out of commitment prospect.
For more information call Arthur Nunnikhoven on 087 3199243
 Email: jobprepareservice@gmail.com
© 2011    The Back To Work Service. All rights reserved.

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